Service contents & Price

Pet Sitter LaToNeRu supports your dogs and cats at home.

Service contents

LaToNeRu takes care of your animals at home while you are away. And going to take for a dog walk.

Once or twice per day
We will visit your house on your behalf and take care same as usual for your pet care. (Food preparation and feeding, Cleaning toilets, Dog walks, etc..)
Writing“the pet sitting report”after every visiting.
We will send report by email or LINE. We also take pictures of your pet during the pet sitting and send them to you.
Additional services
Free of charge for watering garden and plants or feeding to goldfish. Control air conditioner, Open and close blinds and windows, Bringing postal mails to house from mail box.
Service flow
When you planed travel, please contact LaToNeRu and let us know when is good for you to have a meeting .
  1. Step1Make a reservation

    (Please contact us, when you dicide preferred date.) Holiday travel, Business trip, Hospitalization, Work etc… when you find the schedule to be needed for pet sitting, Please contact us from here. We will send an estimate of pet sitting. We arrange the date of meeting for prior arrangement. We also meet your pet with you at home. Please prepare “duplicate key” before meeting. We’re afraid but we won’t accept your request without this meeting. It is very important to get a confidence for both you and us. It will be the first step in communicating with your pet. We will appreciate for your understanding.
  2. Step2Have a meeting for prior arrangement and meet up with your pet.

    It’s need 1650yen (registration fee 1100yen + traffic fee 550yen) If you have many pets, need to pay 550yen per pet. This is for the first time only. Please let us know about your pet, Their daily life with you, The amount of food, How to clean toilet, The usual dog walk trail, The way of brushing, Health condition etc… We ask for more details. If you are happy with the meeting, please pay the fee, We give you a receipt. Then we borrow your house keys and we also give a temporary receipt of your key to you.
  3. Step3On The day that we take care of pets.

    We visit to your house to take care of your pet as prior meeting. We will check their appetite and health of the defection / urination. We will do brushing, play with your pet, go for a dog walk. After the pet sitting is finished, We will write and send report to let you know how your pet condition is or what we have done.
  4. Step4Return the key.

    We will visit to your house to return the key on the day that had scheduled. At the same time, please return the temporary receipt of your key that we give. Or, you can get the key by the secure postal system (letter pack 370yen or letter pack plus 520yen). Letter pack plus is face to face mail. We need to keep your house key when we do pet sitting. You might feel uncomfortable or concern for it. We totally understand how you feel. So you can cancel your request after the meeting. When you are comfortable to ask us to take care of your pet with your confident, then please ask us to do pet sitting.


  • Basic fee
  • Traffic fee
  • Options
Traffic fee is 550yen for 3km from LaToNeRu (Miyasaka 3-37-17 Setagaya) Additional fee 110yen every 1 km more than 3 km from LaToNeRu.

RatesBasic fee

Pet sitting 30min 45min 60min Additional a pet
Dog 2,860yen 3,520yen 4,180yen 1,100yen
Cat(2cats) 550yen
Other small animals
Dog walk 30min 45min 60min Additional a dog
2,640yen 3,300yen 3,960yen 550yen

Extra fee of 660yen per 15minits. In cace 2 visits per day are needed, the charge is doubled.

Home sitting. The basic price covers 2cats. 550yen par additional cat. 1,100yen par additional dog. Dog walk. 550yen par additional dog. High season change +20%. Overtime fee is 2,200yen. (7pm to 9am) Return the key fee is 550yen (traffic fee). Secure postal system. (To return your house key) Letter pack 370yen, Letter pack plus 520yen. When a new pet joins, a new record will be created at 1,100yen (include traffic fee).
Special discount system
Month of your birth All 10% off
during pregnancy, while you are in the hospital, while an injury
referral premium
Payment / Cancellation policy
Payment Please pay in advance by bank transfer or cash. Cancellation policy
2days before the first pet-sitting day 30%
1day before the first pet-sitting day(until 3pm) 50%
Day of the first pet-sitting day (After 3pm at day before first day) 100%

Please bear the postal fee to return your house key, and bank transfer fee.

If there is any questions, please contact from here. Contact From